This Talon A600 has the new RH 600T engine which is the Turbocharged Engine.  This engine has 30% more power than the naturally aspirated engine. It also has the cog belt spring tensioner, 35MM secondary, Electric Clutch, shaft drive TR, LED position lights, Garmin Avionics. Comes with the Heli-Pak, Bruce Cover and Tie Downs, Aux Fuel Bladder, Bear Paws, and all manuals, prints and videos. $129,000.00  (Compare at new kit price of $159,000.00 less avionics and lights) 

email Mark Peterson or call 727-410-7908 Cell

Turbo Charged Engine

Leather Seats, Doors Included

MGL Discovery Lite, Garmin Avionics

Shaft Drive TR System

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