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First Solo Flight Jerry Fisher from Wisconsin hover taxing during his first solo.  Jerry started his flight training in Alabama at Marks' home airport. It is indeed a big personal accomplishment to solo a helicopter.

January 2008, Doug Sheets of Meadville, PA starts his rotorcraft add-on flight training at the AirMark flight training center in his newly acquired RotorWay 162F.
January 2008, Dave Roquet of Land O' Lakes, FL begins his flight training in his completely overhauled RotorWay 162F helicopter.

January 2008, Mike Sidler from the Dallas, TX area solos for the first time in his new RotorWay helicopter.

December 2007, Roger Hellem from the Atlanta area makes his first solo flight at the AirMark flight training center.

August 10,2007, Two new RotorWays begin there flight testing and pilot training here in Alabama.  Peter Cronk owns the red RotorWay and is from Florida & Australia. Peter is a rated helo pilot getting transition training.  The green and nicely equipped RotorWay belongs to Randy Ashcraft and he is from Pensacola, FL.  Randy is working on his rotorcraft rating.

Exec 162F in New Hampshire built by Steve LeMay.  A&P Heli-Products upgrade installations, flight testing, blade balancing and transition training during the week of June 10th 2007.  More pics of N142SL, click here

Bruce Shirland in Old Town, Maine getting ready for some flight training in his brand new RotorWay Exec 162F helicopter 05-26-2007 More pics

Flight Training in Brewton, AL Congratulations to Jim Dixon as he prepares to do his first hover flight in his new RotorWay Exec 16F.  05-09-2007
Flight Training in Denver, Colorado with Lou Spallone's brand new RotorWay 162F with an ACIS
John Bitzer of Cologne, MN.  A brand new RotorWay Exec 162F.  John and Mark completed his rigging checks, blade balancing and transition training on 05-14-2007.  John is doing great and so is his beautiful all black helicopter.

DPE Peyton Enloe presenting Melanie Marshall with her Private Pilot Ticket after completing her checkride December 13th 2016.

 Flight Training 

Busy Day, the above picture shows Jerry Fisher doing his pre-flight while Helm Klein flying solo just competed one of his normal approaches.

RotorWay Flight Training Mark can provide primary flight and transition training to owners of RotorWay helicopters.  You may bring your helicopter here to Alabama or Mark can travel to your location for the flight training.  Either way the flight training must be provided in your helicopter as per the FARs.  Mark follows the same flight training syllabus as provided by the factory training program. But the training is just more than logged flight training.  The day consists of ground school training, flight maneuver training and maintenance training. 

Robinson Flight Training Mark Peterson is also a certified flight instructor, as per SFAR 73, to provide flight training in the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters. 

Flight Training with Chris Knepper's new R44 Raven II with A/C

This is Cam Habeger's (from Big Lake, MN) RotorWay 162F on the tarmac at the Abberville, LA airport just after he completed and passed his private pilot checkride with the examiner.  More on RotorWay Phase I, Phase II Phase III Flight Training & Checkride 



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