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 Bleeder Directions 


Installation instruction for the Bleeder Tee and Priming Procedure for the Cogbelt Tensioner

Note: During operation it is important to make sure that there is no air in the hydraulic tensioner cylinder or the oil line to ensure proper function of the tensioner.

Note: Do not use teflon tape or pipe dope on the threads of these fittings. It is no longer recommended to use teflon tape to seal threads on pipe fittings on aircraft.

It is recommended to use Loctite 680 to seal the threads when installing the bleeder "T".

Remove the elbow from the cylinder. Be sure to support the cylinder when removing the elbow. You may need some heat from a heat gun to loosen the compound on the threads. Before installing the new parts, the threads of the cylinder must be clear of old sealant and oil.

Place a few drops Loctite 680 on the threads of the "T" and carefully tighten the "T" into the cylinder body until it is snug. The "T" must be set so the bleeder valve is 90 degrees to the axis of the cylinder. See picture. Make sure the piston moves freely and the "T" does not contact the piston.

Install the hose feeding the oil to the tensioner.

The following sequence needs two people. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN WORKING NEAR THE MOVING PARTS.

Locate a piece of hose about 3 feet long that will fit the bleeder fitting and place it over the nipple. Place the other end in clean container.

Loosen the bleeder valve and have another person, when your hands are clear, start the engine briefly. In other words start the engine and when oil starts pumping thru the bleeder fittings, stop the engine.

After all moving parts have stopped, make sure the hose remains submerged in the container of oil, and move the piston back and forth to be sure all air is out of the cylinder.

Tighten the bleeder valve. Start the engine again and run it for about 2 minutes and stop the engine.

When all moving parts have stopped, loosen the bleeder valve and have the other person, when your hands are clear, turn over the engine (do not start, ignition off, fuel off). When oil starts pumping thru the bleeder fittings and there is no signs of air, carefully rotate the bleeder fitting via of the connected hose to close the nipple and stop the engine.  DO NOT REACH IN WHILE PARTS ARE MOVING.

Note: if your hose fits tight enough, you should be able to rotate the hose and "remotely" snug up the bleeder nipple.

After all parts have stopped moving, secure bleeder nipple with box end wrench.

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