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DPE Peyton Enloe presenting Melanie Marshall with her Private Pilot Ticket after completing her checkride December 13th 2016.

 Blade Balancing Technique 

After blade construction and painting, I perform the static lead-lag and static balance as per RotorWay's instruction.

Then I verify & check cyclic & collective rigging. I set the negative collective pitch at 1.8 degrees. Normalize the reflex edges of the master and slave blade as per RotorWay's reflex edge tool instructions.

Then I set the panels or pockets (trailing edges) numbers 1-15 with a positive pitch of about .015" up from your reference panel. The collective pressure when loaded should be about neutral or a slight pull down is acceptable.

I start with a ground track at low rpm making the adjustments necessary so the MR blades ground track is within 1/2 inch or less using the pitch link adjustments.

Next we hover the aircraft and measure the lateral vibration and measure the hover track. Adjusting for weight and/or lead-lag to bring the ips to less than .20.

Now we go to forward flight and measure the vertical vibration at 45 mph and then a 75 mph. In addition we measure the track at both speeds.

I make only a single move per run. If a blade is slightly out of track at hover and gradually out of track at mid speed and more so out of track at the higher speed, then make a P/L adjustment.

If the blade is OK at hover and mid-speed but sharply moves up or down at high speed make a panel (trailing edge) move at panels 8 - 15 to correct the track. 

This does takes a great deal of practice and understanding to perform proper construction, rigging and blade balancing.  Being able to analyze the vibration data and the tracking is the key to your finding the solution to MR balancing.  This is why I offer this service to RotorWay owners.

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