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DPE Peyton Enloe presenting Melanie Marshall with her Private Pilot Ticket after completing her checkride December 13th 2016.

 MR Construction & Blade Balance 

Main Rotor Blade Construction is critical to a smooth running rotor system.  Mark has specialy designed jigs and tools that make this task very precise every time.  A special jig and router is used to mill the birch block on the root end of the blades.  Another jig is used to align the blade straps with the leading edge to maintain this close torlerance during construction.

After MR Blade Painting a static weight and static lead-lag are performed on a test stand.  After the static adjustmemts are made, the blades are installed on your helicopter's main rotor hub.

Mark Specializies in Blade Balancing.  The MicroVibe II with its optical tracking gun, shown above, is a very powerful tool when performing the dynamic balance of the MR system.  Click More Info for a brief outline of what I do to balance the blades on a RotorWay helicopter.  

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